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For Companies, Organisations and Teams

Before you start reading any further, could we ask you for a simple act ?

Walk up to something in your surrounding and change it, move it, turn it… Please do so, now.

What did it take to make this change?

You needed to MOVE - with proper amount of strength, capability, timing, coordination and strategy, controlling and steering your self and all your efforts every step of the way.

If any of those elements were missing, your undertaking would fail.

This is how we look at any change in your company, organisation and business. 

As act of movement. And we invite you to do the same. 

You wonder why? Because the nature of movement is the nature of our everyday actions. It’s key principles are intuitive, straight-forward, and simple enough to make a structured lens that helps  us in facing effectively the often overwhelming complexity of our challenges.

Think of a change you need to undertake – any change. Perhaps you are introducing a new organisational structure. Maybe you want to implement new technologies or redesign your processes. Maybe you are planning to shift strategy, re-create organisational values, transform internal culture… 

What will it take to make that endeavour happen? To get through the journey of change.

What if the system lacks the internal strengths required to execute what needs to be done? Is there enough capability to manage the change? What happens if every element, participant and action in the transition process are not effectively coordinated? Or the strategy you’ve chosen does not lead to the results you want?

This is where «The Craft of Change» and we as your partners step in.

Through a well rounded, tailored approach we help you discover how can you currently, and in the future, use the key principles of change as movement - and make your change efforts effective and results sustainable.  



  • clarity - of what is, where you want to go and what needs to be done;

  • shared understanding of the Why and the What of your efforts to change;

  • good-enough buy in, commitment & sense of ownership of all stakeholders involved;

  • accountability, efficiency and effectiveness in implementation


  • to teach you the integrated, systemic framework (body of knowledge) that plots the path for your organisation, company or team in the process of self-assessment, planning and implementing actions to level-up their capacity for change.

  • to design and facilitate the process of reviewing and planning the development of your organisation’s capacity for change (typically a series of workshops employing a wide variety of participatory methods, enabling the organisation to engage in a collaborative process that allows for effective harvesting of diverse perspectives and wisdom of all key stake-holders involved - and thus more sustainable action planning and implementation long term)

  • to help you develop your capacity for change (through individual and team coaching/training/mentoring of individuals and teams – enabling and developing the required mind-set, relationships, skills)

  • to help you design and facilitate the process of monitoring the implementation and development of your “Craft of Change in Action” plan (typically series of participatory workshops aiming to help your team assess the success of your change strategy and align / autocorrect it’s actions as needed)

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