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For Individuals, Teams and Boards

What do we mean by “live the craft of change”?

We mean exactly what we say - LIVE IT. Understand and embody its principles, allowing the wisdom and the tools of the craft to guide your thinking and your actions every day.

You do not need us to tell you that change is an inevitable part of your reality. Each morning you wake up to your day a new. Life IS change … is movement.

The question is - are you in the driving seat?

Sometimes, change happens because you want it. You are the one calling for change, it is your job to give it pace and direction, to lead. Other times life invites or pushes you to change.  Maybe you like it, maybe you don't. Maybe you get it, maybe you don’t. Your task is to respond - acknowledge and accept what’s yours to do, and then move, implement.

When you are part of any specific change journey - you have a unique role, power and influence. To get where you aim for - you have to figure it out, own it, act upon it. Know your destination, map your journey, get ready and move.

Travel with wisdom and skill. Pay attention, monitor progress, align your actions when it’s time.

As an individual. As a team. As an organisation - a system as a whole

This is what the “Live the craft” programs are about.

Series of practice sessions helping you to travel the journey of change - move your wheels where you want them to go, with mastery, wisdom and ease.

Every day.



Individual craft is about personal mastery.
Your mindset, your actions, your capacity to walk the journey of change. The program helps you:
•    understand and reflect on your own role and your impact in driving transformation
•    build awareness about your own relationship with the call for the new - your drama, your inspiration, your motivation, your willingness to change
•    name what you like and what you don’t, what you’ll enjoy and what will hurt (and get ready for that joy and that pain)
•    explore how you think, how you feel, how much strength and stamina you have, what are the challenges you will face
•    prepare for the journey of transition - know what capacities you need and have (or don’t have); what stability, agility or balance balance mean in action; how much, of what, is just enough; how to choose your strategy, coordinate your efforts, nurture your strength as you move; how to notice and act when it’s time to shift and align
•    act, with commitment and accountability, and bring to life what you want, or what you are asked to create.



When you work and act as a team, there are new questions and challenges that arise. Team relationships and collaboration dynamics bring another level of complexity into the game of change.
The team craft program helps you level up your craft, by expanding your consciousness and introducing new tools into your journey of change.
It facilitates team-awareness through systemic reflective inquiry, by teaching and supporting your  team in implementing a wide range of participatory methods that will increase the effectiveness of your collaboration practices - information sharing, implementation coordination, decision making and problem solving processes applied to your team’s journey through change.



Yes, being the board is, as well, about being a team. The team craft principles do apply. Yet there is an additional view to explore in your role.
As the executive team - you are the ones driving the system as whole through change.
You have a broader view, a broader scope, different power and different impact on your organisation’s journey through change.
You are the ones giving direction, shaping the strategy, pacing the move, fuelling (or draining) the energy and motivation of the entire organisation in its effort to transform.
Understanding and outsmarting complexity, thinking and acting systemically, inviting participatory ways of engagement, harvesting collective knowledge, making sense of the wisdom of numerous diverse perspectives, igniting buy-in, inspiring commitment. That is the quest you lead.
And that is what you’ll exercise, and master, by learning to live your craft of change as an executive team.

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