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Two passions connect in my work: passion for business and passion for people. 

I work as a change catalyst - ​in pursuit to ignite wisdom and dare by challenging all the “yes, BUT”’s, “but, you CAN’T”’s and “IMPOSSIBLE”’s of the learned helplessness of the corporate world.

I believe in simplicity, in working with the spirit of play, daring to dream big, owning our choices and showing up in life. 

Yes, I do passionately believe that we create most of our reality.

Complex change and transformation efforts can be, and should be, much less painful than we tend to make them. I am deeply convinced that only systemic approaches can bring lasting transformation and that collaboration is the key. And while we do have to have the determination and stamina for a long race, transformation can happen much faster than we give it credit for. 
We have the power to create healthy work environments. Organisations can be inspiring places where people, and thus the business, thrive.



I deeply believe that life and business, equally, offer us a number of right opportunities every day. Throughout 25 years of experience supporting professionals in creating effective behavior that lasts, I learnt how to discern a thin line between the successful ones and the most successful ones. Regardless of the profession and years of experience, those who managed to succeed have one thing in common – the unmistakable gift to seize the opportunities that every change creates.
I changed my family name twice. I changed my own career three times. Starting in national broadcasting media, moving to executive position in international business, I have ended in executive and team coaching. 
On that journey I met great people who were not afraid to change. They were brave to explore and expand their points of view. That is how I met Danijel and Adrijana. The change brought us together. I don’t need greater reason to celebrate and to promote the power of change. So simple, so beautiful, so easy, as the life could be.



Simple, straightforward, practical... If I would have to choose three words that describe me as who I am as a professional, business trainer and person - that would be it. And these words also describe very well how I understand the magical word "change".
Change (any kind of change) is challenging enough. The way we handle change should, therefore, be something that helps us master this challenge and not complicate it further. And since our lives are a continuous chain of changes, it is of highest importance that we master a simple, straightforward and practical way of dealing with changes - those that we planned and those that happen to us...
Hence enter "The craft of change" - founded on 15 years of conducting business consulting and trainings in more than 60 businesses.

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