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Foundational Craft of Change Trainingfor Trainers, Facilitators and Change practitioners

This 3 day exploration of the The Craft of Change framework and practice is for you if:

  • you are a change management professional in search for effective methods and tools to help people and organisations be wise and effective in implementing change

  • you are a leader facing the need to lead your organisation through transformation

  • you have been appointed to be the one accountable to make change happen (change/project manager)

  • a curious professional wanting to learn more about leading organisational change

As any of the above - you search for knowledge and tools that will help you excel in your role. 

You want to learn the model, understand the framework, gain practice in using its methods and tools. 

You want to master the craft. 

What exactly is The Craft of Change?

Inspired by the metaphor of CHANGE as MOVEMENT, The Craft of Change is a change management framework that includes a mental model and a step by step process guidance for implementing organisational change.

As a Craft of Change practitioner your job is to be a catalyst - a process designer and facilitator that helps the organisation to review, plan and develop its capacity for change, thus move through transition using its resources wisely and effectively.

The program includes 3 days of experiential learning, that will help you gain:​

  • knowledge ( the foundations of craft: the nature of change as movement, organisations as living systems; complexity and why it matters; the interconnectedness of individual and systemic change; mind thoughts and actions as fuel for change; the core elements of The Craft of Change framework; core skills and tools for effective change management)

  • opportunity for reflection and sharing

  • practice in using & applying the knowledge and the tools

  • integration of knowledge and experience as you get ready to bring the craft  home

  • plan for action

  • community of practitioners and peer support network ​


The program is designed as an experiential, affirmative, interactive, practice-based action learning process

Methodology includes:

  • Facilitation grounded in Group coaching and Art of Hosting practices

  • Integrated participatory processes, methods & tools 

  • Opportunities to practice and apply the craft on your own real life challenges

  • Reflective inquiry to facilitate personal insight and self-awareness

  • Accountability tools and practices to support long term sustainability of your learning


Day 1: Being a system playing the game of change


Introduction - what we need to know and why it matters

  • the nature of change (and the no-bulshit truth about how we relate to it)

  • organisations as living systems

  • complexity as context for change

  • individual vs systemic change and how is it connected

Day 2: Life is change ... is movement. What is the craft?

The essentials of The Craft of Change framework 

  • life as movement .. as change

  • destination, current reality and the journey in-between

  • the map is not the territory - the key elements and core principles of craft and how they come alive in organisational reality

  • practice - applying the craft to your own change endeavour

Day 3: Being a Craftsman - bringing it home

What does it take to master the craft of change and what is your next move

  • being a catalyst - knowing your role 

  • the skills, the tools and the practices of a masterful craftsman

  • how about you? would you call yourself a true craftsman?

  • integration time - making sense of the journey and taking the first steps.


Thanks for your registration!

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